Motorola shamelessly rips off Apple in a world of boring Smartphones

Even the biggest Apple fans would be forgiven, at first glance, for mistaking the new Motorla P30 for the Apple Iphone X. So brazen is the similarity between to two phones it’s hard to see how it’s not a straight rip off. From the notch at the top to even the wallpaper used in promotional materials it would be unsurprising to hear somebody mistakenly buying the phone.

Motorola was sold to Chinese computer firm Lenovo in 2014, where it has continued to produce smartphones running the Android operating system. While many companies have imitated the iPhone before reviewers have called this a “Step too far” and claimed the two phones impossible to distinguish from each other.

And it’s not just humans having problems, Tech news site The Verge pointed out that Google’s image recognition algorithms described photos of the P30 as “iPhone”. The similarities so severe that even A.I. can’t tell them apart.

It’s easy, and probably justifiable, to criticise Motorola for this move but also quite sad to see. Motorola were once a pioneering company making interesting phones. The best selling Razr fondly remembered by those old enough too.

I still remember a decorator at my house having one as a child, asking to hold it I remember inspecting it like some sort of ape with a complex tool, unable to believe how thin it was.
These days the world of cell phones is much less exciting, We can rage against motorola for there ripping off of Apple all we want but maybe real problem is that in 2018 it’s hard to disgust between, well any phone.

Where once the industry put out daring and sometimes outright wacky designs, now realise annual black mirrors. Yes, they may be 0.1mm thinner, or now have a slightly better camera or even faster processors but design has become a slow evolution rather than a radical new design field.

Go into any store and see how side the size of the screen and a few button placements they all are basically the same phone. You can pay more for a better camera, or a slightly faster phone but they will do the same thing in the end.

The younger generation wont remember a world where Nokia dominated and released countless different designs. From the simple to the outlandish.

The ultimately failed N-Gage, looking more like a games console, not only was a brave step into a new market but also a great piece of kit. As a young teen myself and many of my classmates had them. I fondly remember actually trying to break it as it was claimed to be indestructible. A world away from the constantly breaking, delicate glass slabs we keep in our pockets today.

Nokia also released the 7600 around this time which gained the moniker “tear drop phone” which had the buttons on either side of the screen as opposed to below. While the design didn’t catch on it’s Symbian operating system showed that cell phones were becoming more than just a device to call home on.

Today the best we can hope for is an interesting case. The iPhone X including a small “notch” on the top of the screen was seen as a brave design move on apples part, 10 years ago it wouldn’t have even been notable.

The Smartphone industry is so large and lucrative these days that it makes sense why risks aren’t taken. As much as I miss Nokia, and the risks they took, they are now a minnow in an industry they used to dominate, it’s unsurprising why companies are copying apple more than them.

There is hope though, if phones continue to stay the same there is little reason to buy new ones or update. Innovation drives sales and we don’t all ways know what’s round the corner tech-wise. Nokia on the bright side has started to release updated designs of their classic phones for people who miss the designs and still want 4G. So who knows? we might see the return of the tear drop after all.