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Mad Max Bernier raises $90,000 for new party, will unveil name next week

Controversial Politician Maxime Bernier says he has raised $90,000 for his new party after spliting from the conservatives last month. In a letter to supporters sent out on Wednesday, Mr. Bernier said he has raised $90,000 in the two weeks that followed his abrupt departure from the Conservative Party of Canada.

I spent most of my time during the past week talking on the phone with supporters and organizers across the country. They will be the backbone of the new partys organization in each region,Mr. Bernier wrote in the letter. I also worked with my team to prepare the partys constitution, the platform, and the documents that Elections Canada is asking for to examine our application for registration. We need to get all this settled as soon as possible, so that the party is up and running when the new parliamentary session opens on September 17.

It comes after more good news for Bernier as a new poll revealed that up to 17% of Canadians are considering voting for the new party.

Thats even before it has a name and an organization,” Mr. Bernier wrote. “This is a strong base on which to build, and it shows that the new party has tremendous potential.

The momentum behind Bernier is somewhat unsurprising when considering his popularity within the Conservatives previously. Loosing to Andrew Scheer by a fraction of a point in the leadership election Bernier also holds strong support in Canadas popular cities.

While his Ideas are controversial for some and has been painted as far right by others it does seem that he is offering a different political narrative to the mainstream parties.

The conservatives have much to worry about now though as not only did Bernier pull in big money for them his party even pulling in half of the speculated 17% votes would be disastrous for them electorally.

Next week we will se the unveiling of Bernier’s party logo, name and some of it’s core Ideas. The question is can he expand the party beyond himself and his own image to a larger more viable conservative alternative.