Our handsome-but-dumb debonair Prime Minister is up to his usual antics, having either no shame or lacking the intelligence to realize he should be ashamed.

Some background first, before I get in a huff: As of 2013, there have been plans by the corporation Kinder Morgan to expand the Trans Mountain Pipeline, which currently carries huge amounts of oil pumped from Alberta to the west coast of British Columbia where it can be exported. There has been quite a bit of infighting between the provinces of AB and BC, because Alberta is excited to increase it’s economic output, etc etc, while BC is absolutely against the project for many environmental reasons (fears of oil spills, risks of extinction to killer whales in the area, etc etc).
British Columbia as a province is actually threatening to sue Alberta. There is also some infighting between Kinder Morgan and the provinces and particularly first nations residents who will have their land abused and/or ruined.

Now look, right or wrong, dangerous or not, such economic contrivances are unstoppable over the long term, and I never bother to give them a second thought.


Justin, you dirty rat, you really have shown your mettle today… Dear old JT announced that he wishes to end the difficulties by saying that under his authority, Ottawa is prepared to offer financial aid to ensure the project goes ahead.

What the eff.

SERIOUSLY, MAN. What is wrong with you?

You have decided to unilaterally give our tax payer money to do something that our citizens are not even in agreement of, the risks of which are unclear, and should have nothing to do with governance whatsoever.

It’s disgusting. As usual, Trudeau is the worst puppet in the box of weak-kneed marionettes.

If you think I am exageratting, here is his actual quote on the matter:

“We are actively pursuing legislative options that will assert and reinforce the government of Canada’s jurisdiction in this matter.”


Welcome to Canada, when our Prime Minister bends to business community pressure rather than spend a few minutes trying to think for himself.

That’s what happens when we elect amateur celebrities, people whom can only discern where is the strongest gust of wind, and then fall into it.