What You MUST Know About Your TFSA

The TFSA is an invaluable investment program for all Canadians. As the contribution limit continues to rise in the future, it will be ever so important to understand everything there is to know about the TFSA. These 10 valuable tips and tricks will undoubtedly serve you well for years to come.

Shoddy Government Investigative Practices Revealed, As Quebec Regulator AMF Faces Tough Lawsuit From Rabbi

Negative publicity continues to pile up against the Autorité des Marchés Financiers (AMF), the Quebec securities watchdog has many tough...

8 Hidden Costs When Buying a Home in Canada

Yes, there are costs associated with borrowing money and buying a home, in addition to the interest you will pay each month. The last thing you want to do is wait until your closing to find out exactly what you are expected to pay.

If You Get Injured In A Car Accident, Consult A Lawyer

Joe was permanently disabled from the accident. His traffic accident attorney negotiated with the insurance companies and kept them informed of everything. It took some time, but they finally reached a settlement that was far more than Joe and Lorna expected. In fact, they were able to pay off bills and have enough money to make ends meet each month.

3 Bitcoin Black Swans for 2018

In turn, the real trading volume of Bitcoin could be just a fraction of what the charts indicate. If this were to come to light, it could have a tremendous adverse impact on the crypto ecosystem as investors and "HODLers" head for the exit.

How to Act As Head Of State, A Lesson From Trudeau to Trump

There's a reason that we Canadians have a reputation for being kind, and it's one we aren't soon to relinquish

National Hangover At The Workplace Day

It is the day after the Super Bowl. It is a Monday. It is 2018 and the Philadelphia Eagles have...

The Canadian Federal Political Parties, Simplified

The Canadian system of federal government, unlike that of the United States, is based on a wide-variety multi-party system of representation. When Canadians go to the polls to vote for their national leaders, they are not voting for a Prime Minister, but instead for a local Minister of Parliament (MP) who represents their local community “riding”. These MP’s, once elected, are seated in the House of Commons in Ottawa.

Canada’s Seal Hunters: A Story of Uncommon Bravery

Some of the bravest men in Canadian history have made their living risking their lives hunting seal.During the peak of the aptly titled "Seal Hunt" of the first half of the nineteenth century, 400 vessels were lost and over a thousand men perished, in the traditional hunt that still runs annually to this day. Nevertheless, thousands of men from all over Canada’s Atlantic coast flocked to the seaports every spring, desperate to try and get a berth on one of the sealing schooners.

Privacy, Piracy and Protection

Perhaps the most perverse invasion of privacy in recent history saw dozens of celebrities, including A-listers, have their cloud accounts hacked in which hundreds of x-rated photos and videos were spread to the internet. Without the opportunity for financial gain seen with identity theft, the result was perversion and destruction.

How to Deal With a Micro-Manager at Work

While it is fine to stand up for yourself in any given situation, going head to head with a micro-managing boss rarely leads to good results. A boss who sees a worker pushing back may view this as a threat and decide that the person is not trustworthy. A boss who does not trust a worker will either try to control that person even more or show them to the exit. Try to avoid confronting the person head-on or in front of other workers.

Romantic Flowers for Valentine’s Day

Few holidays are as connected to flowers as Valentine's Day. Flowers perfume the air in mid-February as they rightly should! While you'll be seeing lots of roses this time of year, there are many flowers that reflect the aura of romance, which you might want to consider for your floral displays.