When Common Sense and Rationale Fade to Black

The middle class is shrinking. The poor are becoming increasingly poor and the 1% continue to accumulate wealth and power. At the same speed that the wealth gap expands, it seems so too does the distance between political and social stances.

There are people who stands on the  fringes of society that are at opposite ends of every hotly debated topic. There are also people at varying degrees in between. Recently, however, the left are moving further left and the right are moving further right.

In both cases, political correctness is becoming a problem.

Snakes on a Plane — The Sequel

As service animals become increasingly common, so do those looking to take advantage. Getting a prescription for a service animal is like getting a prescription for Advil. These furry friends are most commonly dogs, however cats, and apparently peacocks can function in the same capacity.

A performance artist tried to board a United Airlines flight from New Jersey to LA with her Peacock. She purchased an additional ticket for it, but was contacted by the airline several times prior to their arrival at the airport and were promptly denied boarding.

Surprisingly, the artist did not cry foul, which is the 2018 modus operandi for someone who feels slighted.

Ruffling Feathers

The internet is a scary place. While it promotes free expression, enables public opinion, and allows news  to travel in seconds, there are trolls looking to attack, and ultimately, most people are either offensive or offended. The middle class of thinkers is growing thin.