Bruce McArthur, the recently charged suspect of 5 murders in the LGBTQ community in Toronto, allegedly started his campaign of murdering his lovers in fits of anger all the way back in 2012, and possibly earlier.

According to Sgt. Hank Idsinga, Toronto Police began an investigation in November 2012 named “Project Houston” which investigated 3 missing men of Middle Eastern descent… To quote Sgt. Idsinga “At the conclusion of [that] project, no evidence [was] found which would classify anyone as a suspect in any criminal offense related to the disappearances”. No results were produced by the time the investigation was closed in April 2014.

Conversely and unsurprisingly, when in late 2017 police started a new investigation, “Project Prism”, looking into the death of two other men, one Middle Eastern, and one named Andrew Kinsman, they looked a bit harder. It took them very little time to establish that Kinsman had a sexual relationship with McArthur.

After having arrested and charged McArthur on January 18th of this year, they have discovered body parts in large flower planters at the site where he was arrested, containing dismembered remains of at least 3 people. Toronto police investigators have announced that they are visiting more than 30 other properties where McArthur worked as a freelance landscaper, as it is feared that there are a large amount of unsolved/unknown disappearances which might also be connected to McArthur.

Forgive us for giving you further news that will certainly not make you sleep any better at night, but Vice has reported that McArthur, a 66 year old rotund man, regularly was a mall Santa during the holidays.