Canada and Saudi Arabia are having a little online tantrum/fight/comedy show.

Let me preface all this by saying that the Middle Eastern kingdom has been coming out with some pretty laughable propaganda, in an effort to spread anti-Canadian sentiment.

According to İyad el-Baghdadi an Oslo-based refugee and commentator on Arab affairs this sort of propaganda is the new norm in the middle east. In a lengthy twitter thread he documented the outright bizarre claims by the Saudi press.

Most surprisingly he says that Saudi-Arabian media are claiming that Canada is the worlds worst oppressor of women, “What about the mystery of 1000 murdered women in Canada?!wrote one widely followed Riyadh-based Twitter account

Ignoring the murder nonsense, this is nothing short of ridiculous coming from a country where women have little to no rights, not even being able to leave the country without a male chaperone.

Another strange claim is that popular professor Jordan B Peterson is a political prisoner. Another preface: JBP is a scumbag. Nevertheless, he is a free man and a best selling (WHO READS HIS GARBAGE? -Ed.) author. Saudi also claims that 75 per cent of Canadian detainees die before standing trial, something that is categorically untrue, nevermind so absurd as to be actually hilarious.

Trying to sow even more division, Saudi Arabia has declared it’s support for the Quebec independence movement and say that Canada is effectively holding the region hostage. “In Saudi Arabia we support the right of Quebec to become an independent nation, they also voiced their support for a Quebec Libre, although it seemed not to know what language is actually spoken there. In Saudi Arabia we deeply worried and concerned about Anglophones for Quebec independence people, Usually Quebec Libre would welcome international support and recognition however we somehow feel that supporters of the movement wont be to quick to ask for backing from the kingdom.

They also focus in on homelessness in Canada which actually is a visible problem and certainly something that needs more action. To paint it as a uniquely Canadian problem is strange especially from a country that openly endorses slavery within it’s borders.

Criticisms from other nations can be useful and interesting but the Saudi claims are nothing short of some guy being high on crack and writing for The Onion.

As the actual international relations between our countries deteriorate, some other nations have come to Canada’s aid. Needless to say, the silence south of the border (that’s you Trump) is deafening. Trudeau as refused to back down and many Canadians, although worried about where the spat will develop next, can be proud for standing up for human rights even if it stands alone.