Children spend nearly a third of their lives in a classroom setting, subject to the opinions and bias of educators. Being vulnerable and in an environment predicated on soaking up the lessons of their teachers, it might be time to get some insight into who is giving forth the information.

A middle school teacher in Florida named Dayanna Volitich has been caught hosting a white supremacist podcast under the name of Tiana Dalichov. Volitich, 25, bragged on her podcast about spreading her beliefs in the classroom and teaching racism to her students.

This comes at a time where race science is unfortunately resurfacing. Race science is the debunked belief that people of certain backgrounds have different intellectual abilities and well as violent or aggressive predispositions. Though race science has been categorically disproven, it is the kind of misinformation that is called upon by extremists looking to push their hateful agenda.

With people like Volitich is positions of power, greater actions must be taken to monitor who parents allow to influence their children. Unfortunately, some people think the solution to classroom discipline is to arm teachers with loaded guns.