Notwithstanding the news cycle of fearmongering from Trump’s constant senilities and lies and nonsense, the greatest danger to western democracy right now is posed by Theresa May.

The imminent danger rests solely on one point, and one point alone: Her ego.

Since assuming the Prime Ministership, essentially her focus has been on “Brexit”, namely the exit of Britain (& Ireland & Scotland etc etc) from the European Union. Recapping the history of this idea without censorship or moderation: Exiting the European Union is the xenophobic brainchild of racists and elitists who fear immigration, foreign culture, and in whom an increasingly aging representation of population felt disenfranchised due to technology and an ever changing socio-political landscape. A referendum was called in 2016 asking simply AND ONLY:

“Should the United Kingdom remain a member of the European Union or leave the European Union?”

Based on this extremely vague and non-explicative question, which was voted YES by a huge majority of 51.9% of voters, it was decided to throw out 60 years or so of peace and wisdom in Europe in order to assuage the sensibilities of seniors and racists and ignoramuses. World War II wasn’t enough of a lesson, clearly.

In any case, nobody, not the politicians nor the populace nor the economists, etc, had any idea of how complex and problematic it would be to actually exit the European Union; The purpose of the EU, extremely simplified of course, is to unite the common countries in Europe, solidifying partnerships of economy and movement, in order to promote peace and mutual growth. To leave such a venture, leaves no alternative other than to signal to others that one believes they are above them. Any suggestion this is about autonomy is too absurd to consider; One doesn’t need to be an economist to realize that global partnership is the future of humanity, and a sign of higher evolution.

Point being, since Theresa May’s mandate has been pretty much to “accomplish” Brexit, she has found out repeatedly, from her miniature throne on Downing Street in London, that it is essentially impossible. As of today, she is fighting to the last to save her “negotiated” deal, unfortunately the deal is so bad, and so catastrophic to all involved in the United Kingdom, that the entire parliament is revolting, her own party included. She even had to manage to vanquish a no-confidence vote internally in her own party several weeks ago.

The situation as it now stands, is that May is evidently willing to crash out of the EU, catastrophes not withstanding, rather than accede to the pressures and demands that relenting in her negotiations seem to require.

That is because she evidently feels that if she admits that another approach must be taken, she would essentially be saying she failed, or that she didn’t do everything exactly right.

And this is why she is much more damaging to the country she represents, more so than Trump. Because she would rather cause permanent and pervasive damage to her country than admit failure; Her resistance to compromise or surrendering to reality is so strong that she is essentially willing to commit economic suicide to the entire population.

Trump, no matter how you may hate him, or how obviously stupid he is, does not have the talent to cause such a ripple effect. Surely, he is causing much damage now , and people are getting hurt or dying in the meantime, but as a macroeconomic or macrosocial problem, the damages he cause will be quickly repaired in a couple years or a decade at most.

What Theresa May is willing to do to her country, is likely irreparable.