White House trade official Peter Navarro went on CNN tonight, and said that Canada would not be spared from upcoming new aluminum and steel tariffs that Trump is planning.

He spouted a lot of scary sound-bites, such as that the U.S. [may invoke] a rarely used clause in a 1962 trade law [that will allow] the president to declare tariffs if required by national security.

Jake Tapper, CNN Host and not at all stupid, replied “From the perspective of Canada … Canada would say, ‘National security exemption? We fight with you in every war. Our soldiers are right next to your soldiers in every conflict. What possible scenario could you envision where we wouldn’t supply you with steel and aluminum?”

Fortunately for all concerned, while Trump is senile, the American congress is not. No senators, even the Republican semi-treasonous ones, are so short-sighted to enact policy that would hurt it’s closest ally, both in terms of geography and economic partnerships.

Nothing will happen. Your car costs won’t go up. We won’t get into a trade war. We won’t have a diplomatic row. Trump just needs his weekly/daily/hourly ego boost. Forget about it. There will be more Trump crap to deal with tomorrow surely.